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Collection 2022.02.18

The "Aare River" flows through the city of Bern, Switzerland, where the designer lives. The longest river in Switzerland, this tributary of the Rhine flows leisurely throughout the year, turning green in summer and deep blue in winter. Fresh collection <HOTOLI> which got inspiration from such Aare River, and was born.

A river that shines transparently like a jewel in the summer sun. People's lives flow slowly along the bank. Glass jewelry that captures the beauty of nature and its expressions that change with the seasons. By wearing it, you can see the color and brilliance of the water forever... such a wish is included.

New items for 2022 from <HOTOLI> are minimalistic new items inspired by the flow of a river. Inspired by nature and architecture, you can enjoy the contrast between the shapes drawn by straightforward lines and the expression of the glass.

SIRI SIRI's new popular glass ear cuff "Ear Cuff Line BLUE" has been released. The distinctive U-shaped curve of the 'Line' is inspired by the shape of the river Aare, which flows around the old town of Bern. You can use the rounded side inside or outside.

The ring "Ring Line" is an impressive combination of the transparent texture of glass and the matte texture of frosted glass. The modern and clean design, like a sculpture, is easy to combine with other jewelry, and the ring can be worn in any direction.

A bangle "Bangle Circle" that draws a clean and simple arc. The craftsman's high technology is utilized to finish a piece of glass into a perfect circle using a burner. Part of the circle is polished to a transparent finish, and the contrast leaves a contemporary impression.

The cool glass necklace "Necklace BLUE" , which looks like a relaxing river itself, is decorated with gentle curves and silk tassels around the neck. The translucent matte surface is mysterious as if you were looking into the surface of the water. The clear glass surface is painted with blue glass to express the color of the river that changes depending on the depth. You can also enjoy the cool sound of the overlapping glasses touching each other around the neck.

An original scarf made by hand printing, a technique that extracts the color of a beautiful river that shines in the sunlight and is also used in traditional crafts.
"FOREST" consists of two colors, dark green and olive green, extracted from the rich colors of the trees surrounding the Aare River.
"RIVER" consists of a pale blue gradation extracted from the water color of the Aare River.
The point is the hand-wrapped edge and the casual brand logo. The 100% silk twill fabric is glossy and firm, and you can enjoy the beautiful colors that are unique to hand printing. The small size of 53 x 53 cm is a size that can be simply tied around the chest. It is also recommended as a gift for men as a pocket handkerchief.


Photography (C) Philippe Fragnière

[General release date]
Over-the-counter sales: February 19, 2022 (Sat) 13:00~
Online sales: February 19, 2022 (Sat) 00:00~

[Designer store days]
The designer will be in store on February 19th (Sat) and February 26th (Sat) from 13:00 to 19:00.

SIRI SIRI Akasaka Directly Managed Store 102 Akasaka Nanabankan, 7-6-41, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business days: Wed-Sun 13:00-19:00
Closed: Mondays, Tuesdays, national holidays Nearest station: Chiyoda Line Nogizaka Station 8 minutes on foot / Akasaka Station 6 minutes on foot

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