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SIRI SIRI values ​​people's passion, craftsmanship, imperfect beauty and sensibility.
Adventure in the sea of ​​tradition, give shape to your imagination through "silent art", and renew your modern aesthetic sense.
Now, in the age of sensibility, listen to the poetry that crafts bring.
It is to feel the story and creativity from the unique materials and outstanding technology.
The response reflects your inner beauty.
There is a universal desire to live a rich life.

SIRI SIRI values ​​passion, craftsmanship, the beauty of imperfection, and sensuality.
Guided by the art of silence, we voyage through the seas of tradition, materializing
our imagination into existence and redefining the aesthetics of our time.
We embrace this era of sensuality and lend our ears to the poetry of craftsmanship.
We experience and appreciate the story and creativity behind each object,
crafted with unique materials and exceptional skills.
We value our freedom, and the universal wish to live a life full of richness and wonder.
Our responses to life are the reflection of the beauty which lies within us.

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About us

Established in Tokyo in 2006 by designer Naho Okamoto, SIRI SIRI, a jewelry brand, has been sending out jewelry with an unexpected combination of contemporary design, natural materials, and Japanese craftsmanship. At its base is Japanese craftsmanship, traditional aesthetics, and curiosity about architecture and art. The high quality and organic and universal design that is finished one by one by craftsmen responds to the way of life of "freedom seekers" who are faithful to their own aesthetic sense without being bound by preconceived notions.

Founded in Tokyo in 2006 by designer Naho Okamoto, the Japanese jewelry brand SIRI SIRI explores the intersection between Japanese craftsmanship, traditional aesthetic principles, architecture and art. Handcrafted by artisans in Japan, SIRI SIRI blends the use of natural materials with traditional Japanese crafts to create contemporary, organic and universal pieces of design that appeal to those in pursuit of freedom and their own true aesthetic sense.

SIRI SIRI`s values



All SIRI SIRI products are finished one by one by craftsmen with traditional domestic techniques. Through daily communication with craftsmen who have various skills such as glass crafts, cut glass, rattan weaving, and mother-of-pearl, we aim to create products with universal beauty that resonate with people's hearts by fusing modern design and traditional techniques. I'm here. The texture of materials derived from nature and the beauty of craftsmanship cannot be achieved by mass production or fast processes.

All SIRI SIRI products are individually handcrafted by skilled artisans across Japan. By working together with traditional craftspeople, we can combine our sophisticated, contemporary designs with artisanal techniques - such as Kiriko faceting and rattan work - to create products of universal and inspiring beauty. to the beauty of handcraft, textures and nuance, resulting from our understanding and blending of Japan's natural environment and resources with traditional craftsmanship, cannot be emulated by mass production.



Since the establishment of the brand, SIRI SIRI has consistently maintained a highly sustainable system. Jewelry that uses a lot of naturally derived materials is less stressful for the body to wear, and since it is made by hand, it has less environmental impact during the production process. In addition, many of SIRI SIRI's popular products are custom-made, but this is because we avoid excessive energy consumption and unnecessary disposal due to mass production, and produce products in small numbers in an appropriate relationship with craftsmen. is.

Since our inception in 2006, SIRI SIRI has committed to developing a highly sustainable system. Our products are crafted from sustainably sourced, natural materials that ensure comfort for the wearer. Many of our popular items are made to order by hand, minimising our environmental impact and eliminating unnecessary waste. By ensuring a sustainable working relationship with our artisans, SIRI SIRI seeks to preserve local craftsmanship and its cultural value for generations to come.

SIRI SIRI manufacturing is supported by sophisticated Japanese craftsmanship. Works that are finished with reliable technology combine beauty, strength, and universal design. In order to ensure that the jewelry can be used for a long time and be passed down from generation to generation, when jewelry is damaged, we work with craftsmen to find the best way to repair it, depending on the condition. SIRI SIRI also has an important mission to protect local craftsmanship and industry.

Crafted with the utmost care and consideration by traditional Japanese artisans, SIRI SIRI products combine beauty, strength, and universal design. longevity that will extend from generation to generation. Alongside our commercial activities, we strive to give back to our community of customers, makers and friends. Protecting the environment through our sustainable approach to business, and preserving the cultural value of local craftsmanship, artisanal knowledge and traditional heritage.

From 2019, we will open a school "ATRIUM" to nurture young craftsmen with sensibility, train young craftsman candidates, and aim to pass on technology and preserve the industry. In 2022, we will start the “Meister System” to establish a reputation for craftsmen with extremely high skills. We will increase the value of the pieces they work on as a "Meister Collection". While continuing brand activities, we will inherit the industry and culture, and continue to maintain the environmentally friendly brand management attitude.

In 2019 SIRI SIRI established ATRIUM, an educational program for young and emerging craftsmen, in the aim of passing down knowledge, technique and skill to a new generation of artisans. In 2021, we will introduce the "Meister System" - to recognize traditional artisanal techniques and help to establish a reputation for Japan's most highly skilled craftsmen. Works from these individuals will form the “Meister Collection”, certifying their official status and enhancing their value in years to come.


DESIGN FOR LIFE Lifestyle design

SIRI Jewelry making is the starting point of SIRI. It has been 15 years since the brand was founded, and we have released nearly 300 items so far. Jewelry and craftsmanship created by unique materials and outstanding craftsmanship. Equipped with human charm, we will continue to propose jewelry that fits your life.

Jewelry making is the foundation of SIRI SIRI. Since the brand was founded in 2006, we have presented almost 300 distinct, high-quality and unique designs. Our iconic jewelry collection is the result of fine craftsmanship paired with exquisite, unique materials.The use of sustainably sourced natural materials appeals to those in pursuit of freedom, and can bring its wearer closer to life.


BRAND AS A CULTURECulture Creation

Proposing and collaborating with various lifestyle products, establishing overseas bases, actively disseminating culture through online magazines, radio, and talk events, and entering the housing business in 2022. SIRI SIRI design project will be developed.

Alongside our extensive selection of jewelry products, we seek to develop and explore new areas of design and communication that can support and enrich our community at home and overseas. We will continue to diversify our activity in the future. Examples include a newly developed, collaborative range of lifestyle products; the development of in-house educational and cultural programs such as workshops, events, online magazines and radio broadcasts; overseas expansion and entering the housing market in 2022.

Designer, Founder

Naho Okamoto

Influenced by his father who was an architect and an abstract painter, he grew up in an environment surrounded by art and design from an early age. After studying space design, he aspired to create jewelry while working in interior design. However, his own allergy to metals triggered him to sublimate as much natural and familiar materials as possible into jewelry through the power of design and craftsmanship. Started the brand "SIRI SIRI" in 2006. Currently based in Switzerland. In addition to receiving the 23rd Kuwasawa Award in 2015 for his achievements, he has been recognized both domestically and internationally, including being selected as a finalist at THE LUXURY INNOVATION AWARD (Switzerland) in 2020.

Influenced by her father, an architect and abstract painter, Naho Okamoto was surrounded by art and design from an early age. In 2006 she started her own brand, SIRI SIRI, which uses natural materials as much as possible to create jewelry through design and craft Currently based in Switzerland, Okamoto was awarded the 23rd Kuwasawa Prize in 2015 and was selected as a finalist for the 2020 THE LUXURY INNOVATION AWARD (Switzerland).

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