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Beautiful wedding bands that engrave your story SIRI SIRI Wedding Bands


Beautiful wedding bands that engrave your story SIRI SIRI Wedding Bands

The brilliance of the ring that represents the time spent by two people.
It never fades over time,
It symbolizes a strong bond.
The beauty created by the handwork of craftsmen,
It will make the love of two people shine.
A new chapter in my life is about to begin,
This ring will snuggle up to you.

Ring holder


SIRI SIRI's ring holder stands out for the beauty of acrylic that catches the light. To prevent the ring from being damaged, the insertion port is burnt and smoothed, and the corners of the main body are slightly chamfered. Each face has a different finish, giving it a soft look that reflects light, making it perfect for placing your precious ring in place.


How to OrderAbout the ordering method

SIRI SIRI offers counseling for each couple in-store or online so that the couples who get married can choose the best ring. It takes 2-3 months from deciding on the design, materials, and size to delivery. First, please make a reservation using the online form or by phone ( 03-6821-7771 ).

Order flow

Wedding ring sample rental service

In online counseling, we lend ring kits to customers who request them.
After payment of the ¥10,000 security deposit and confirmation of the usage loan agreement by the electronic contract service CloudSign, we will send the ring kit to the address you entered. Our staff will provide counseling using an online conference tool such as Zoom so that you can purchase with confidence while viewing the actual product.

If you have any questions about ordering a wedding ring, please contact us by phone or using the form.

03-6821-7771 (13:00-19:00)

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