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<For Freedom Seekers> Vol.1 Tomoko Mukaiyama

<For Freedom Seekers> Vol.1 Tomoko Mukaiyama

Politics, pandemics, environmental problems, various systems and values ​​that have bound us.
Now we are each fighting and facing them quietly in our own place every day. Using our intellect, our conscience, our abilities and our skills, our revolution is slowly seeping into each place.

Since its establishment, the jewelry brand SIRI SIRI has strongly attracted “the freedom explorers” who change the times with their own power without being bound by preconceived notions. "SIRI SIRI" is a name derived from the word "Chain". It means "that which binds" and at the same time "that which is released". Jewelry that combines modern design and traditional techniques not only decorates the jewelry itself, but is also loved by women for a long time, sometimes like a talisman.

In the portrait series "For the freedom explorers", she depicts a "portrait of this era" full of transformation through the images of women connecting powerful actions in a rapidly changing era.

Tomoko Mukaiyama

Pianist / Artist

Tomoko Mukaiyama is a pianist and artist based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Born in Wakayama Prefecture, he has been active as a pianist internationally since winning the International Gaudeamus Competition in Holland in 1991. In recent years, in addition to presenting works as an artist at the Triennale, he is also active in the field of production. In addition to music, they are demonstrating originality in collaboration with a wide range of fields such as art, architecture, fashion, dance, and photography. In 2019, the “Pianist” exhibition based on piano performances held at the Maison Hermès Forum in Ginza, Tokyo was highly acclaimed. While traveling around the Netherlands, Mexico, and Japan, last year he presented a video and music performance work based on his roots in the Kii Peninsula and Kumano. The world is getting deeper and deeper.

Mukaiyama's expression, which freely expands the world by fusing his own music with collaborators of various genres, without being bound by the traditions and preconceived notions of "pianist", liberates us and shakes our hearts. I will give it to you. Wearing SIRI SIRI with a unique presence, we will deliver a portrait taken by photographer Yayoi Arimoto.

Q: Mr. Mukaiyama, what do you want to convey through your activities?

In a word, "awareness"?
Awareness of the creativity we all possess,
Awareness of being alive and celebrating femininity.
Also, these days, I am thinking about what I can pass on to the next generation through my creations and works.

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<Work credit>
Model: Tomoko Mukaiyama
Photographer: Yayoi Arimoto
Hair-make: Rika Matsui
Styling: Yukari Momose (SIRI SIRI)
Producer: Sawako Fukai (SIRI SIRI, SW_)
<For Freedom Seekers> Vol.1 Tomoko Mukaiyama

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