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Clothing Bienvenue Studios × SIRI SIRI Scarf PRAYING HANDS

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A collaboration collection of <Bienvenue Studios> and SIRI SIRI, a design unit <Bienvenue Studios> in Zurich, Switzerland , <Bienvenue Studios × SIRI SIRI >.

Bienvenue Studios, a design unit consisting of Xiaoqun Wu and Oliver Hischier, is based in Zurich, and is particular about printing techniques and paper. . This collection was born from the interaction between their activities and Switzerland-based SIRI SIRI designer Naho Okamoto.

An original scarf created by ordering graphics for a scarf based on "PRAYING HANDS" and "GENTLE KNIFE" from the <Small Print Collection> series, which is a masterpiece of <Bienvenue Studios>.

"PRAYING HANDS" is a graphic with the motif of foliage plant leaves. Consists of ice blue, green, and black to match the green of the leaves. In addition, the logo of both brands is included casually. A scarf with a refreshing color scheme that gives an elegant impression.

The 100% silk georgette fabric has just the right thickness and is soft to the touch. It does not wrinkle easily, so you can easily carry it in your bag.

You can simply tie it around your chest, wrap it twice around your neck on a chilly day, or fold it into a triangle and hang it over your shoulder to show off the pattern.

The size of 90 x 90 cm is easy to use and recommended as a gift.


Length 900 x Width 900mm
Weight 64g

package size
Length 216 x Width 125 x Height 27mm

As each item is handmade, the actual size may differ from the indicated size. Please note.
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Pre-order is a service in which, if the product is not in stock,
the customer must pay in advance and the product will be delivered as soon as it arrives in stock.
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About Gift Wrapping

SIRI SIRIでは2種類のギフトラッピングをご用意しております。
手提げ袋をご入用の方は、Paper Bagをカートに追加し、ご購入下さい。

SIRI SIRI offers two types of gift wrapping.
If you require a handbag, please add Paper Bag to the cart and purchase.

Gift Box with Handkerchief
¥4,400 tax-in

NY在住のアーティスト・Yui Kugimiyaによる描き下ろしの新作ペインティングをモチーフにした特製ボックスに、お買い上げいただいたSIRI SIRIジュエリーとオリジナルハンカチを入れてお届けする、スペシャルなギフト・セットです。SIRI SIRI ジュエリーと一緒に、大切な人へ最高の贈り物を。

This special gift set includes your SIRI SIRI jewellery and an original handkerchief in a special box featuring a new painting by New York-based artist Yui Kugimiya. SIRI SIRI jewellery and an original handkerchief.

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SIRI SIRIのギフトボックスが、ひとりひとりのストーリーになっていく。

無料ギフトラッピング / ギフト用リボン
Free wrapping service

ご入用の方にはSIRI SIRI特製ボックスに、グレーのリボンをかけたギフトラッピングを無料で承ります。上品で静謐な雰囲気が、ご自身や大切な方へのプレゼントにぴったりです。

For your convenience, SIRI SIRI offers free gift wrapping in a special SIRI SIRI box with a grey ribbon. The elegant and tranquil atmosphere makes it the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

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